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Tanning for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin? Consider going natural

We so often want to take care of ourselves and our skin by staying moisturised, screened and supple, but more often than not, if you have sensitive skin, you might be causing damage due to the synthetic chemicals that are used in many tanning products. Whilst they are safe to use, some people happen to suffer from rashes or other reactions when the product mixes with the natural balance of your skin. Be kind to yourself and reduce the likelihood of skin complaints and imbalances by opting for something a little more natural.

What could be causing a reaction?

It’s important to recognise the big ‘no-no’s when you’re selecting a tan for your skin. If you can, try and avoid any tanners with synthetic fragrances – always remember this if you have a history of very sensitive skin. You might already do this when you’re choosing your washing powder or fabric softener. When you’re shopping just take a second to read through the list of ingredients. That way you know what you’re applying on a daily basis: it’s important to be informed. Manufacturers can sometimes label many different chemicals under the ingredient ‘fragrance’. Look for this word, as well as all of those long chemical names. Try and say the chemical name and don’t use it if you can’t pronounce it.

What should I do instead?

Chose an all-natural, organic brand like Eco Tan. There are many tanners available that contain natural ingredients and moisturisers that are totally petrochemical free. Look for natural sources to be kinder and gentler to your skin – take that time to read the ingredients and do yourself a favour. Stay away from parabens, GMOs and dyes by using products that consist of natural essentials such as aloe vera, cacao, coffee, blood orange, ginger or mandarin, for example.

How should I apply it?

You might find that a spray is out of the question due to the composite chemicals that make up the propellant. Instead, opt for a cream or mousse format to minimise the presence and absorption of these chemicals. Plus, these products usually smell great too for an added bonus.

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Top 5 Must Haves for Skincare in Summer

As we are well into the season of chilled cocktails, long days lounging on the beach, cheeky getaways and (hopefully) well-earned breaks from work, skincare is just as important now if not more than ever.

With the ‘silly season’ wreaking havoc on our overall health and the summer sun starving our skin of moisture and nourishment, now is a great time to stock up on skincare essentials and be vigilant with your skincare routine.

So just what are the five summer skincare staples to maintain your healthy glow?

  1. A great body scrub

It’s not just winter when exfoliating away dry, dead skin cells is important. Exfoliation is key in summer to keep your fake tan looking natural and flawless. The Eco Tan Pink Himalayan Salt Body Scrub is a gift from above for beach babes looking to glow all summer long.

  1. A light moisturiser

Warm weather and perspiration may make you feel like moisture is the last thing your body needs, but a light moisturiser during summer is a serious beach-bag essential. Not only does exposure to the sun strip your skin of necessary oils, but salt water from the sea can also leave your skin feeling tight and lacking in moisture. The Aviva Inspires Velvet Soft Moisturising Crème will do the trick.

  1. A revitalising body wash

How beautiful does a cool shower feel on your skin after a hot summer day? Well, add in a zingy body wash with a stunning fragrance and it’s the ultimate treat.

If you are a tanning fan, you’ll also be thrilled to hear that the Eco Tan Bodywash not only smells like heaven on earth with its Coconut and Mint organic ingredients but also works to prolong your existing fake tan, making it work harder for longer.

Shower time just got better!
In order to get through this long, hot summer with skin that glows from the inside out, a great skincare regime is an essential step. Head over to our online store to browse our extensive range of products from moisturisers to great fake tan brands.

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Top Moisturisers to Maintain your Fake Tan

So you’ve applied your fake tan or had it done in a salon and you’re looking bronzed and beautiful. To get the best long-term results, maintenance is essential. By using a superior quality moisturiser, not only will your tan look better because your skin is soft and hydrated, it will also last longer, saving you the expense of having your tan reapplied again shortly after. To help you select the right tanning moisturiser to suit your skins needs, we’ve outlined several industry leading brands below:

BioElexia Bodyshaper Firming Toning Body Lotion

Bioelixia firming toning lotion bronze tan

This body lotion is a great option if you are wanting to tone and exfoliate the skin, while extending your tan. With key ingredients including caffeine for toning, salicylic acid for exfoliation and shea butter to moisturise, it’s a fantastic multipurpose lotion.

Eco Tan Coconut Body Milk

Eco Tan Organic Body Milk Bronze Tanning

For those prone to having more sensitive skin, Eco Tan’s Coconut Body Milk is a popular moisturiser to prolong your fake tan, along with being incredibly gentle and soap free. A great alternative for dry, itchy skin, the luxurious mix of jojoba, coconut, aloe and macadamia offers relief and intensive moisturisation. Good to use in combination with Eco Tan’s fake tanning formula, for stunning bronzed skin without skin irritations.

St Tropez Prep & Maintain Tan Enhancing Moisturiser

St Tropez Prep Maintain Body Moisturiser Bronze Tan Tanning

This rich and luxurious moisturiser not only leaves your skin velvety smooth and ultra hydrated, it’s been proven to add up to three days to the life of your tan. St Tropez Prep and Maintain Tan Enhancing Moisturiser also helps to ensure your tan fades more evenly and doesn’t break up.

Fake Bake Self-Tanning Body Butter

Fake Bake Self Tanning Butter Bronze Tan

Containing shea and coconut butter, internationally recognised as being the two richest natural moisturisers, combined with tanning agents, Fake Bake Self-Tanning Body Butter offers a long-lasting, glowing tan. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin, this intensely hydrating moisturiser also helps to fight off free radicals.
Bronze for Beautiful Skin can supply all of your self tanning needs, at very competitive prices. For further information on tanning moisturisers, visit our site and browse our extensive product range.

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How to Prepare for Your First Spray Tan in a Tanning Salon

Although at home self tanning spray tans are fun and easy, sometime’s you just need that professional bronze glow from a tanning salon. If you’ve never had a spray tan in a tanning salon before and don’t know what to expect, here are some helpful tips to prepare you for your first time!

Your tan should suit your skin tone

If you’re really fair when you have a spray tan it’s generally a good idea not to go too dark as it won’t look natural, and telling friends you’ve been holidaying in Sudan may be a little hard to believe! For those with an olive complexion, you can get away with going much darker without your spray tan appearing fake.


Wear loose, easy-to-remove clothing

As you are going to have to strip off quickly for your tan, it’s a good idea to wear loose, lightweight clothing.


Show your beauty therapist a picture of a celebrity with a tan you like

To make it easier for your therapist to determine the shade of tan you would like applied, bring in a picture from a magazine of a celebrity who is tanned the colour you prefer.


Remove all your make-up

Before you have your spray tan, it’s important to remove all of your make-up. You should also go to your tanning appointment deodorant-free, as this often acts as a barrier, preventing the fake tan formula from adhering to your skin.


Wear your disposable thong home

If stripping down to be sprayed by a stranger does make you feel a little uncomfortable, wearing the disposable g-string will definitely top things off as being the least sexy near naked experience you’ve ever had! Don’t worry about removing the disposable g-string straight after you’ve been spray tanned, it’s much easier to wear it home and take it off before you shower.


Pay careful attention to how long your spray tan needs to be left on

We’ve heard many horror stories from people who’ve left their spray tan on too long before showering and it’s not pretty! Make sure you listen to your beauty therapist carefully on how long you leave your spray tan before showering to avoid any issues.
Follow these tips and you’re sure to soon be hooked by the healthy glow of a fresh spray tan!

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Fake Tanning Myths That You Should Ignore

Ah, summer: when we begin to shake off winter and strip down those layers, only to realise how ghostly pale we’ve become after spending three months rugged up in coffee shops. It’s around this time we begin to wish for warmer skin to match the warmer weather, only to be bombarded with misconceptions about safe tanning that can make it confusing for people who simply want glowing, healthy skin.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the biggest tanning myths to help you keep your skin looking beautiful.

Fake tan contains harmful chemicals

A common misconception is that fake tanning products, such as tanning lotions, creams, sprays and mousse, contain harmful chemicals that can damage your skin. This is completely false. Not only do most tanning product brands ensure they do not contain harmful elements in their products, some like Eco Tan, Fake Tan and Mine Tan go as far as to include natural and organic ingredients to guarantee that their users tan safely and beautifully. When looking for the right tanning brand for you, be sure to check out the ingredients used.

You need direct sunlight to get Vitamin D

We’ve all heard about how the best source of vitamin D is from the sun, and while this is true, you definitely don’t need to be spending hours in direct sunlight to get your daily dosage. In fact, most people get enough vitamin D just through incidental exposure to the sun in their day-to-day activities. And you don’t need to stop wearing sunscreen for your body to absorb the goodness either (another myth), because your skin will still produce vitamin D even if you slather it on. If you are concerned about a deficiency, foods like fatty fish and milk contain vitamin D, and over the counter supplements have been found to be just as good as sun exposure. There is no need to write off fake tanning and opt for the more dangerous sun tanning to get the right amount of Vitamin D.

Fake Tanning isn’t worth the effort and money because they fade quickly

Your skin care routine is crucial to determining how long your fake tan lasts. What many people oversee is the importance of exfoliation and moisturising before tanning of all kinds. By exfoliating and moisturising daily you will give yourself a smooth and healthy canvas to apply tanning products on and easily extend your tan lifetime by double. Removing your tan thoroughly with tan removers will ensure a smoother and more flawless new tan. Tanning products that give a gradual tan and tan enhancers can also prolong your summer glow.

Achieve a perfect tan while keeping your skin healthy by trying one of Bronze Tan’s  professional tanning solutions. Getting that springtime glow doesn’t have to be complicated!

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How to Achieve a Sun-Safe Summer Style

It’s hard to believe that summer is already just a few months away. If you’re a devotee of the spray tan or are thinking of getting one for the first time (awesome choice), you’re probably aware of the benefits of avoiding a real sun tan and all the health risks that go with it. But if you’ve never stepped into that tanning salon or set up an at-home booth, you might not be sure how a fake tan will affect your sun safety routines when the bikini season rolls around. Luckily, taking care of your skin with a spray tan is as easy as ever.

Before we talk about how to protect spray tanned skin from the sun, it’s important to understand how spray tanning works. The word ‘dihydroxyacetone’ probably evokes images of high school science classrooms and Bunsen burners, but its role in the spray tan is actually very simple. DHA, as it’s often shortened to, is the ingredient that bronzes your skin upon contact with the upper layer and gives you that gorgeous healthy glow. It’s perfectly safe and lasts a few days, after which the upper layer of skin cells naturally regenerate and leave behind your natural skin colour.

Since DHA is only a temporary pigment, it doesn’t increase your skin’s tolerance for UV rays. In other words, standing in the sun with a spray tan will still give you sunburn. Since the effects of UV rays on skin range from the mildly annoying, like pimples and discolouration, to downright frightening, like skin cancer, it’s important to consider your sun safety options as you usually would.


Using sunscreen on spray tanned skin is not only fine – it’s important. Sunscreen won’t affect the colour or shine of your flattering new tan. As long as you’ve allowed the colour to set in for a few hours, using sunscreen on your spray tan works the same as using it on untanned skin. Use SPF 30+ for full sun protection. For added protection in the hotter months, you can even use a lighter SPF 15+ under your make-up if you know you won’t be outside much.

Summer style

Luckily, big, beachy hats and billowing, long sleeved blouses suit the tanned look to a T. Spray tans offer a versatile base for any summer style while remaining a healthy option for your skin, with sun safe bohemian or relaxed seaside fashion always in season. Spending a day on the beach in your (safely) sun-kissed skin will work perfectly with a spray tan.

Long lasting health

Sun safety should always be a priority for visibly healthy skin. With a spray tan, you can make sure that glow lasts for the long term by keeping up a sun safe beauty routine.

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5 Facial Tanning Tips and Tricks

A faux glow is a quick and easy way to look instantly more attractive, but the thought of applying tanner to your face can be pretty intimidating. Oompa-loompa, anyone? However, with a few tanning tips and tricks, we can ensure that you’ll look like a total beach babe!

Here’s 5 facial tanning tips and tricks you need to know…

  1. Opt for a specific facial tanner

As tempting as it may be to put body tanner on your face, we wouldn’t recommend it! Facial fake tans are made specifically for the thinner and more delicate skin on the face, and are less likely to cause breakouts or irritation.

  1. Vaseline away!

You may love Ed Sheeran, but chances are you don’t want his eyebrows! Put a thin layer of Vaseline over yours to stop them staining! Blonde babes may want to apply Vaseline to their hairline too.

  1. Go gradual

If you’re a beginner at facial fake tanning, we would suggest opting for a gradual tan. Many skincare brands have daily moisturisers with built-in gradual tan. This means your skin will get the benefits of a moisturiser, while getting a natural looking glow. Result!

  1. Exfoliate!

Unless you’re a total fake tan virgin, you will be well aware that exfoliation is a must for getting that smooth and even finish. Although exfoliating your face may sound harsh, it is a total necessity. Who wants a patchy, blotchy face? Use a specific facial or body exfoliate that won’t be too harsh on your skin. 

  1. Cover it up

So you’ve applied that facial fake tan and it hasn’t turned out quite the way you planned? Whether you’ve ended up with orange patches, or it just looks plain weird, make-up has got you covered (literally).

Patchy fake tan can easily be covered with a medium coverage foundation. Is your facial tan too light? Get it as brown as your bod with a quick swirl of bronzer.

Atikh Bana,

Top 4 Makeup Tips to Enhance Your Fake Tan

While tanning and radiating a deep bronze glow is sure to enhance your look, it’s important not to forget how your new tan can affect your beauty regime. Whether you’re using professional tanning solutions or a fake tan you’ve applied at home, we have some tips on how to enhance your new glow using the style of your make up.

  1. Add highlighter in all the right places

You’re a golden goddess, and don’t let anyone forget it! Enjoying the perfect fake tan is like living in summer all year round. Enhance your sun-kissed features with highlighting to make your best beauty features stand out. Avoid highlighters that are glittery and match the tone of your highlighter to the depth of your tan. If your skin is darker, opt for a darker highlighter. Light sweeps across the area beneath the outer edges of your eyes (in a diagonal line), vertically across your upper lip, just below your brow and in the inner corners of your eyes will have you glowing and will enhance that beautiful tan. Important tip: don’t forget to blend!

  1. Fill in your brows with an eyebrow powder

Your brows are crucial to the frame of your face, and to making those beautiful eyes pop! Choose a brow powder that is one shade darker than the roots of your hair and lightly brush it through your perfectly manicured brows. Make sure the powder doesn’t exceed the width of your brows and make sure that you don’t overdo it! Use a brow brush once you’re done to keep them tidy and even.

  1. Brighten your eyes with a white liner

White eyeliner on your lower lid will open your eyes and make them appear brighter and whiter. It’s a great way to make the whites stand out against your tan and to make the colour of your irises pop.

  1. Top off your look with an orange-based lippy

Your lips are the finishing touch on your bright, summery beauty look, so make them stand out! Choose a lippy with an orange base and you’ll see the shade of your tan enhanced.

Don’t forget to keep your tan looking even and golden for longer with our range of tan enhancer products, and last but not least, have fun with your all-year-round summer beauty!

Tan Removal Tips Bronze Tanning

Quick Tips for Tan Removal


The key to the perfect fake tan is to make sure your skin is fresh, clean and completely free of any remnants from your previous tan layer. The best way to remove all traces of your tan is to break all the cardinal rules of tan maintenance.

Take a dip!

Savvy tanners know to stay away from the pool and opt for the beach when flaunting a fresh spray tan. The chlorine strips the tan right off, which can be perfect for ridding your skin of those last stubborn spots. Health tip: don’t stay out in the sun and expose your skin to those harsh rays too long. That’s why fake tan was invented!


The edges of your feet and heels, as well as the skin around your armpits, will hold onto the last remaining fragments the longest. In a hot shower, use an exfoliating glove to gently scrub those areas. Give your entire body a good once-over with the glove to make sure your body is now a blank canvas for your next appointment. Both Eco Tan and tanGO sell quality exfoliating gloves and mitts for a steal!


A quick and easy way to de-tan your skin is a quality body scrub or polish. A less intense option for your skin, an exfoliating body scrub or polish will remove those unwanted dead skin cells holding onto the last of your colour. SunFX has created the perfect polish using Walnut shell. It’s an efficient option as it can be used at the sink with a damp cloth, as long as you make sure you rinse thoroughly.

Make it temporary!

For those looking for a super low-maintenance option for a onetime event, a wash-off tanning product could be a great option for you. There are a range of products that offer an instant glow that comes off at the end of the night with one easy rinse. Caution: if you’re heading somewhere that will be a sweaty affair or you’re likely to get wet, be prepared for some potential streakage! Invest in Jennifer Hawkin’s Jbronze Instant Tanning Cream for the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.


The Future of Self Tanning: Contouring with Fake Tans

Have you always wanted to have abs, but it doesn’t matter how much you watch your diet and torture yourself in the gym, your six pack remains a distant memory of your teenage years? Don’t worry, there is a solution! One of the latest and greatest beauty tips to be introduced for those wanting to look trim and toned is tan contouring. Tan contouring works by accentuating your best features and assets, along with creating the appearance of a slimmer silhouette. Here’s how you can try out this latest trend:

Exfoliate your whole body

Internationally recognised tanning product manufacturer St Tropez recommend exfoliating your body with a body scrub or exfoliant the day before you tan.

Apply a base tan

The next step is applying a base tan of a light or medium shade, enabling you to change the colour easily using bronzers or brightening products. If you want an even more dramatic finish from your tan contouring, rather than use bronzers, choose a deeper shade of tanning product.

Find a contouring solution to suit your skin tone

When selecting a contouring solution, make sure it’s darker than your base tan, and depending on the depth your skin tans, choose a subtler or darker shade. Aerosols generally work best for contouring.

Enhance areas of light and shadow

By applying darker tan to the features you’d like to enhance, you will instantly appear slimmer, whereas bright colours intensify the contrast and reflect natural light.

Contouring tips

Spray the tanning solution along your body’s muscle lines, over the front of your legs and also across your shoulders. An easy way to understand how to contour is to imagine your body when sunlight reflects on your skin, and apply the tan to where the sun is weaker and lighten the areas where it shines.

Contouring using fake tan is a much healthier alternative to bronzing your skin than sunbeds or direct sunlight, as well as having the added benefits of giving you a slimmer and more toned look, so you feel more confident when baring your body. For all of your tanning product needs, along with helpful tips and advice, check out our online tanning store.